Comprehensive observability for your dApp

The frictionless web3 Performance Monitoring tool that helps you to find bugs, prevent potential revenue losses and improve user experience.
Trusted and loved by the world’s best teams
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Effortless integration

Easily integrate our powerful SDK to inspect the interactions between your users and dApp in one place.

With just a few lines of code Sumer will run within your dApp to gather insightful data.
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Discover, Fix & Improve

Detect potential bugs and error patterns faster. Accesible to everyone in your team thanks to our easy and clean UX.
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Real-time Supervision

Set Monitors to oversee certain conditions you want to closely follow. Alerts will always let you know when something is going wrong.
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Gain Insights

Navigate interactively through your data to unlock improvement opportunities. Evolve your user experience to gain adoption, engagement and loyalty.

Compatible with all the
EVM blockchains

BNB Chain
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